Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing – PAUT

PAUT is an advanced method of ultrasonic testing. Instead of a single element and beam, phased array uses multiple ultrasonic elements and electronic time delays to create beams by constructive and destructive interference. PAUT offers significant technical advantages for weld testing over conventional ultrasonic as the phased array beams can be steered, scanned, swept and focused electronically from a fixed probe position. Beam steering permits the selected beam angles to be optimized ultrasonically by orienting or focusing them perpendicular to the predicted discontinuities.

PAUT is now used for inspecting fabricated piping and pressure vessel welds. The flaw image obtained with multiple angles and beams give a more accurate flaw characterization than conventional ultrasonic inspection. PAUT can be done in semi-automated or a fully automated mode.

For corrosion mapping application a linear array probe mounted on a wheel is used. Results are immediate, can be viewed as well as emailed for further analysis.

Advantages Of PAUT

  • High-speed inspection using single-axis scans instead of conventional raster scan
  • Near-optimal focal length and focal spot for various areas of complex parts or thick components
  • Small, simple probe assembly with multiple beams from a single probe
  • Easy-to-install, one-axis scanning systems
  • Better detection in austenitic materials and dissimilar metal (DM) welds
  • Alternative to Radiographic imaging