Third Party Inspection Services

Our Team of Inspection Engineers at NDE Solutions have extensive experience in performing FAT, Pre-FAT inspections, Vendor audits. Additionally 3rd Party Inspections for the Pharmaceutical and Oil / Gas Industry in Overseas.

Furthermore, NDES offer inspection, compliance testing and documentation validation of items of plant and equipment during construction and prior to shipping.

Likewise, NDES have the equipment to carry out Borescope Inspections, Positive Material Identification (PMI), Surface Roughness Measurement, Ferrite Measurement, Slope Checks, Ultrasonic Inspection and Eddy Current. We can independently carry out the inspections to confirm acceptance to Client and International Specifications.

Reports on inspections can be used as leverage during validation minimizing checks required during FAT and Pre-FAT inspections.

Engagement at an early stage of Projects can ensure problems get resolved at start up and not become major quality issues at a later stage.

Pressure testing, Coverage Tests, Drainability Checks, NDT Testing can be witnessed to ensure conformance to Client and International Specifications.

Documentation checks can be carried out to ensure that traceability requirements and VDR requirements are met.

If material test certification is missing NDES can provide verification of material grade, surface roughness, ferrite content and hardness to produce EN10204 3.0 certification to validate the component.

Please contact us for a full history of 3rd Party Inspections carried out by the Inspection Engineers at NDE Solutions.