Special training for T-K-Y Scanning

This 7 Day course provides advanced knowledge in Ultrasonic Testing of TKY Joints. This course is practical in nature, utilizes classroom participation, and allows for hands on application in the use of ultrasonic equipment for TKY scanning.
A certification course exclusively designed for acquiring proficiency to conduct Ultrasonic testing (UT) of critical T-K-Y weld joints during fabrication of structures and piping. The course is meant for in depth learning of special techniques suitable for directly applying to actual T-K-Y weld joints on field. NDT Level III Trainers with vast experience in inspection of specialized weld inspection applications will teach the subject. The program consists of PowerPoint presentations, in depth study about interpretation of applicable codes related to these types of joints, practical sessions and technical discussions to quickly bring the students for easy understanding the subject.
1) TKY tubular joints scanning patterns or techniques,
2) How to measure the surface distance K Y joints,
3) How to mark the repair Location in K Y joints,
4) How to split the zones. This Course Will
• Provide classroom training hours in accordance with TKY requirements.
• Provide hands on training with digital UT Flaw Detector.
• Develop practical skills needed for practical examinations.
• Discuss and apply problems associated with UT TKY Joints. Who Should Attend
This course is designed for NDT technicians, welding inspectors, auditors, supervisors, managers, engineers, quality assurance/quality control personnel, and others who desire to improve their skills in this area. FOR MORE DETAILS AND REGISTRATION